dear Yuletide author:

Hello, hello! Happy pre-Yuletide! As you can probably tell, I barely use livejournal anymore, and have moved on, for the most part, to tumblr and AO3. Please, please consider this letter firmly in the ODAO camp: getting a fic for any of these fandoms is an absolute treat. The indications given here are only meant to help you define whatever you want to write if you need 'em. Go wild.


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Hello, future Yuletide author! Many pre-emptive thanks for writing whichever fic you decide to write, and please, please, please, consider the following remarks as fully optional: if you already have an idea you want to tackle that matches these fandoms, there's a 99% chance I will love it.

I'm fallingvoices on AO3 and nuitdenovembre over on tumblr, where I'm most active these days.

Collapse )As far as general preferences go, I'm fond of introspective pieces and stories that focus on character development and relationship development; a focus on emotional and sensory experiences tends to make me invest myself fast, so that's a plus, too. That being said, plotty pieces are fantastic, especially if the plot furthers all of these things — I'm not big on action for action's sake, at least in written media, but I love stories that play around with canon concepts and canon elements. I adore canon divergences, time travel stories, and I quite like AUs. Meta/mediafic is a huge weakness of mine. Subverted tropes are excellent.

In fandoms where it works, I will eat up codependent and/or unhealthy relationships with a spoon. Misunderstandings, lack of communication, pining, h/c, friends or lovers who lose each other and find each other again — all great. Found family stories will make me cry every single time. You definitely don't need to go the shippy way if you don't want to, but I will love it if you do. Porn is welcome; gen is welcome; slash and femslash and het are all welcome.

I don't have any serious triggers, but generally speaking, I like to be warned for major character deaths and non-con. I'm also not hugely fond of infidelity. On the other hand, I don't object to violent situations or dub-con at all, so feel free to knock yourself out if you find yourself in such a situation where they could be required.

NIMONA | Nimona, Ballister Blackheart, Ambrosius Goldenloin

»» What I love about this comic is how open it has been from beginning to end, and the result of that is I want to know everything. Honestly, at this point, you can do whatever you like: there are so many ambiguities left in Nimona's backstory, so many scenes we never get to see about her and Ballister's father-daughter shenanigans, about Ballister and Goldenloin's childhood and young adulthood, and so many possibilities introduced by the ending that there are very few ways of making me unhappy, if any. Go missing scenes, go canon divergence, go Gay Dads AU, go pre- or post-canon, go anywhere.

Some thoughts:

  • look to the future. Whether it's a happy fix-it where Nimona sometimes drops in to tea in between having wacky adventures of her own, or the more gruesome process of recovery, rebuilding, and reconciliation, there's a full spectrum of possibilities left open. I would particularly love to see how Nimona and Goldenloin deal with the fact that they're both important to Ballister.

  • Nimona's backstory. Go nuts. The canon supports everything you can imagine, anyway.

  • father-daughter bonding! This may include anything from having a quiet night in with pizza and a movie to setting mechanical dragons loose upon their town.

  • Ballister and Goldenloin's past friendship and relationship. I mentioned above that I'm very fond of stories about lovers who lose/betray each other and then find each other again, and I really, really do: I would love anything that portrays their early years together, whether as best friends or as lovers.

  • relatedly, a canon divergence AU where Goldenloin gets over himself earlier in the story and actively tries to mend things with Ballister instead of shirking his responsibilities would make my day.

THE BLETCHLEY CIRCLE | Millie, Susan, Jean, Lucy

»» I won't lie, I ship Millie/Susan like Fedex. However, I'm just hugely fond of these women in general, how smart and careful and human they are, and their relationships are so diverse and interesting that I would love anything focused on the found family part of their little group, on the moral conflicts that they encounter, on the dangers they're willing (and unwilling) to take.

A few ideas:

  • I love WWII narratives, so I would absolutely adore a fic set while they actually are working at Bletchley. They're just getting to know each other, working under Jean's orders, maybe working secret missions (why not? diverge from canon if you want to), cracking codes, dealing with blackouts and bombings, dreaming about the future in that little bedroom — I want to know more about these young women when they were so bright and angry and doggedly working away at the enemy's codes.

  • Susan comes back post-canon. One of my biggest beefs with S2 (apart from the fact that it was tragically axed) is that she never got to come back. I think she got a great exit, and I loved what they did to her marriage and her dilemma re: the danger they were placed into, but I would like to see what would happen if she came back, even if that were years in the future.

  • honestly, anything Susan/Millie (whether it's unrequited on Millie's side, an AU where they do in fact leave together on that trip, an AU where they fall in love during the war, or post-canon pining, hopefully with Susan having left her husband with no hard feelings, etc., etc.) would make my year.

LUTHER | John Luther, Alice Morgan, Erin Grey, Jenny Jones

»» This beautiful, amazing show. I love so much about it — its mood, its cinematography, its unrepentant moral ambiguity, its complex, fascinating characters, its beautiful closure. SO:

  • John and Alice post-canon. Where do they go? What do they do? Neither of them seems the type to settle down nicely. I'm mostly interested in how they change each other, and how much they … bleed off on each other, I suppose. How well or how badly they work as a couple. These two people are nothing alike and yet couldn't be more similar, are both too full-tempered to really give way to the other, and I'm very invested in whether they would learn to make compromises, or if they'd go all-out, presumably until they either break each other or the rest of the world.

  • I'd want to know what happens to Erin post-canon. How do the events of S3 change her, and her perspective as a police officer? Does she <i>stay</i> a police officer? Does she try to find Luther? What were her feelings for Justin, really? How well does she cope with his death? (And if you want to magically bring him back to life, I wouldn't say no, truth be told.)

  • likewise, Jenny. I loved that girl, and it always saddened me that she didn't get to come back in S3, especially since she'd gotten the last word at the end of S2 — and her relationship with Luther seemed to be going very interesting places. Mostly I would love to see her grow into an adult, to see her gain agency and a place in the world; whether she ever reconnects with her mother; whether she stayed in touch with Mark or with John.

HOWL SERIES | Howl Pendragon, Sophie Hatter, Calcifer

»» Trope subversion and deconstruction are a huge weakness of mine, and DWJ does an amazing job of jugging fairy tale elements, pastiche, plot, believable romance, and an incredibly fond, warm, affectionate narrative style. I love flawed characters who fall in love because — not in spite — of their flaws, and Sophie and Howl are one prime example of that: they get on each other's nerves 90% of the time, and they're going to spend the rest of their lives complaining about each other to each other. So on that note:

  • post-Howl's Moving Castle domesticity, just as they're in the beginning of their relationship, would be amazing. I'd love to see little scenes without much meaning to them — breakfast with two highly powerful magic users, one of whom is incredibly arrogant about his skills and the other just learning what to do with hers; arguing about magic treatises and commissions and Howl's latest experiment with hair dye by the fireplace at night; and so on. What's their sex life like? How does Howl deal with Sophie's family invading his castle on a regular basis? How does Sophie deal with her newfound magic?

  • I'd love something about storytelling in this setting, especially since Sophie's magic is spell-(and therefore word-)based. She relies so heavily on books and stories from the very, very start of her own story, and the fact that she slowly grows into the person who writes her own life, rather than lets it be written for her, is one of the best narratives about agency I know. Go as meta as you like (or not meta at all).

  • the disconnect between both of their words, and Sophie and Michael's little trek into Wales, is one of my favorite parts of the books, and I'd love to see more of it.

EMMA | Emma Woodhouse, George Knightley, Jane Fairfax

»» OH BOY. OH EMMA. I've just (juuuuust) finished rereading it, so I've been very lately reminded how much I love this book. I adore Emma most of all, who manages to be so true to her name — who combines every flaw, every quality; she has ultimate potential for both goodness and cruelty in all of Austen's books, and I adore her. Writing an Emma-centric fic is one of the surest ways to my heart that exist. A few ideas:

  • canon divergences! Instead of waffling about and then bolting at the end of his first fortnight in Highbury, Frank tells Emma about Jane, drama and conspiracies and secret correspondences follow. Emma realizes her feelings about Mr Knightley earlier. Emma and Jane's places are switched. Frank is never taken into custody by the Churchills, and instead it's Mr George Knightley, who has been managing Donwell Abbey by proxy from London, who shakes up the little town by returning to his childhood estate that spring. And so on.

  • I would kill for an apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic Highbury; shake that set-in-its-ways town a little! It could be anything — a flood (!!), a zombie invasion, an enormous earthquake, aliens. Does Emma's possessive vein come to light when she has to make sure the inhabitants of Highbury are safe and fed and protected? Who makes loyalties with who? Can they contact anyone in the outside, or are they cut off from the rest of the world? Do they have to defend themselves?

  • character pieces, whatever the period, whether it's pre-novel or post-novel, are always loved. I'd especially love something about the "puzzles/codes" theme in the novel: about decoding the people around you, their motivations, their letters — and, by the same token, your own. Self-discovery and self-enjoyment.

  • honestly, if there's any of my Yuletide fandoms where a PWP would be received not just with pleasure but with shrieks of happiness, it's probably this one. I'm sayin'.

I hope one of these inspires you if you need any inspiration, and most importantly, I hope you have a lot of fun this Yuletide. I can't wait to read what you'll write. ♥

a fic.

Wow, LJ, it's been a while. Like a year and a half a while. Hi.

radialarch and I have been writing a collab the past couple weeks! We've been yelling at each other about Steve/Bucky a lot on chat for the past ... months ... so we eventually said fuck it and wrote up a courtroom media. Then it turned into media fic. WHAT CAN YOU DO.

United States v. Barnes, 617 U.S. 143 (2015) [1/3] | T | 7K

The Associated Press @AP
Winter Soldier set to stand trial for Washington D.C. massacre and treason

dw review | "the name you choose is like a promise you make."

And look at that, time is passing ridiculously quickly.

A few thoughts on the Doctor Who finale (and some of this season, since I've been unable to write up my usual episode reviews this time around, sigh London sigh. On the plus side, I can catch up with new episodes on iPlayer, why doesn't this exist in France sigh sigh double sigh).

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it&#39;s all très très passé;

somewhere my seventeen year old self is laughing her head off, i can see it;

Holy shit it has been ages since this journal has seen an update, hasn't it; a proper update, not a quick celebration of Christmas or the New Year. I blame London, wholeheartedly, and quite a lot of Shakespeare, and — just lately, anyway — Les Misérables, as seeing the movie (good acting, mediocre direction, singing ... more or less inconsistent) has made me start rereading the novel, in all its revolutionary sewer-y gloriousness.

London is every bit as wonderful as I hoped it to be. My professors at King's are stunningly intelligent and interesting, and having the benefit of following several Shakespeare-related classes, instead of a single main seminar as I do back in France, is a completely new experience. (I have a class on Hamlet and its afterlife! They're ridiculously detailed and specific, and I love it.) (It also means I'm watching around six hours' worth of Shakespearean productions per week, but I'm hardly going to complain about that.) I'm discovering new works, a new methodology, and a new way of thinking academically, and in that regard at least this exchange program delivers exactly what it promises.

It's a magnificent city, though. I'll miss it when I'm gone — perhaps not as heart-rendingly as I miss Paris now, but I'll miss its energy and brilliance, and my flatmates, who're generally lovely.

I'm writing a lot of different things; but writing, anyhow, which is a welcome change from the last few months. Most of them are Sherlock-related, but I've also embarked on a Les Mis modern!au (thanks to those of you who encouraged me on tumblr and elsewhere, now it will not leave my brain), which apparently is going to be equal parts Paris location porn and equal parts a student uprising against an AU!Sarkozy!government. I have zero shame, it would seem.

Tell me what you've been up to, flist! What fics are you reading? What movies are you watching? What books — etc. Fill me in.

goodwill to all men, etc;

I've been remiss in my updates over here lately — I blame London, and London, and London, which continues to be unfathomable and lovely — but my family and I have just come out of an Eddie Izzard marathon, I've had my best friend to myself all afternoon, all presents are bought and wrapped and accounted for, and there's warm Swedish food in my belly. It's been a pretty good day.

Merry Christmas, all of you who celebrate it. Everybody else: I hope you're enjoying this fine Monday night, and do bear with us a little longer; we're nearly done.

(Now to watch the Merlin finale and determine if it was worth watching this terrible, stupid, endearing show to the end.)

you know a lost cause;

i'm trying very hard not to have this subject line be AHHHHHHHHHHH and nothing else;

So, I. Am leaving for London tomorrow morning.

It's going to be a strange thing, being away from Paris for so many months — I'm desperately excited and utterly terrified at the same time, which doesn't help with all the packing that's currently going on; my room looks like it's gone through a hurricane.

On the plus side, though, SHAKESPEARE AND ELIZABETHAN THEATRE, ALL DAY EVERYDAY, fuck yeah. My Taming of the Shrew thesis went through stunningly well, far better than I'd expected, and I'll be working on Middleton's The Roaring Girl this year (we get two Master's Theses to write for the Sorbonne, for some reason; don't ask, I don't know either). At any rate, the location'll be amazing; King's is just across the Thames from the Globe. It's a little surreal.

I've been lucky enough to snag a room in one of the campuses' apartments, which is only two metro stations away from the Strand campus, where my classes will be held, so that's a plus, too. On the other hand, I'm not sure when I'll be able to get back online — it's always a chore connecting to the right wifi system in another country — might be tomorrow night, might be in a week. I've set up a queue on tumblr, but my presence on LJ/email might be a little limited, and DW!meta posts will probably be a while in coming.

(Speaking of, Dinosaurs in a Spaceship? The Amy/Rory storyline seems to have gone right back to status quo, which is infuriating. I was expecting so much more out of it, ffs. Rupert Graves was great, though, and Nefertiti was flippin' awesome, and overall it was a fun, interesting, entertaining episode, even though Eleven is getting darker and darker, interestingly so.)

See you on the other side, all. Think of me kindly.